We are an Irish producer of 100% natural Smoothies, Juices and Lemonades.

All thats good, nothing thats not.

Diarmuid Crowley left the corporate world at the end of 2000 to pursue his long held ambition to run his own business. With years of experience in soft drinks, fruit processing and global trade behind him, launching a range of fruit based soft drinks was the “natural” way to go.
The Wild Orchard range of drinks were born in the kitchen of the family home and are now produced here in Ireland and found in the best of cafes and stores all over Ireland.

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Who are the naked people?

As far as we are concerned there is no such thing as forbidden fruit. Eve & Adam symbolise our natural roots and the fact that Wild Orchard is fresh, natural and most importantly has nothing to hide!

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Artisan Soft Drinks

Our lemonades are made with carbonated water, fresh and natural juices, beet sugar and nothing else.

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Our fruit and vegetable smoothies are made with whole fruits and vegetables, freshly squeezed juices and nothing else.

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Cold Pressed Juices

Our Pressed juices are made by crushing the fresh fruit and vegetables to extract the delicious juice. Then we bottle and pasteurise. That’s it.