e-Commerce Solutions

eCommerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake.

Need an Online Store?

Every seller has different needs, here at BossyB I can help you find a solution that fits your shop!

Do I need an E-commerce Solution?

If you are selling products such as clothes, shoes, make-up, boutique hats and the list goes on the short answer is YES.
We live in a world where people's shopping habits have changed significantly.
Gone are the days when people went to the shops on a free afternoon or on the weekends! Now people can shop all day everyday...at home, at work Shhhh! don't tell anyone, on the bus and anywhere else you can think of.
So if you are selling stuff then your most likely going to find a lot of customers online via social media marketing.


How Can i help?

Here at BossyB I can take the hassle out setting up an online shop. There are many CMS solutions to choose from with the most popular ones being Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and Joomla.
Once we have chosen a solution that is the best fit for your store, I will set up all the configurations and design your new online shop to fit with your own unique branding.
Once everyhting is set up I will create a step-by-step manual to show you how use your new online shop from adding new products, deleting old ones, to watching the money roll in. I will also offer 24/7 support in case anything goes wrong.
  • Configure
  • Design
  • Support
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