Packaging of Wild Orchard juices, smoothies and natural sparkling lemonades.

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Our orange juice and smoothies are packaged in Polyethylene terephthalate or PET.

This is basically plastic. The 250ml bottle, cap and label are all completely recyclable and in fact empty, rinsed PET bottles have a value in the recycling industry as they can be processed into a raw material for multiple products from packaging to clothing. Of course it is essential that PET waste is disposed of correctly. PET should not be dumped with general waste where it will probably end up in landfill.
Closed Loop Plastic Recycling can ensure that no plastic ends up in the sea or in landfill.

Our apple juice, carrot & apple juice and lemonades are packaged in one-way glass.

Empty containers should be rinsed and placed in glass recycling bin. This glass can be recycled into multiple products. It is estimated that 80% of recycled glass ends up in a new glass container. Other uses include tiles and sand. Glass should not be dumped in landfill as it can take thousands of years to break down.
Glass Recycling can ensure that glass containers do not take up space in landfill dumping sites.