Web Design

simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance

Website Design & Development

Here At BossyB I design & develop bespoke, modern & responsive websites for SME's & individuals alike.

What I do!

I specialize in designing simplistic and minimalist websites so you can send a clear and consice message to your visitors which is the main purpose of a website in the first place.
While keeping your design clean and simple I also make sure that your website is 100% responsive and fully functional across all devices.
Here at BossyB Designs I also develop bespoke Web Applications and platforms that require specific features & functionality.

  • Design Simple yet stylish Websites
  • Develop Websites That require bespoke functionality
  • Ensure your website is 100% responsive
  • Tested across a number of devices & web browsers
Web Design
Responsive design is a technique that allows you to create a website that will react accordingly to the size of a user's screen i.e mobile phone, tablet, IPad etc. This technique will optimise your website for each device that is accessing it.

Why is it so important?

In a nutshell majority of your visitors are coming from a mobile platform nowadays. How you market and the way people find you has a huge impact on this. Most of us use social media marketing as a way to reach out to our potential customers therefore alot of people will find your website on Facebook & Instagram apps on their phones ect and will probably just follow that link!

If they follow the link and find that your website is unreadable or the images are too big or skewed chances are they will move on and look else where. I won't let this happen to you!

Other Benifits to responsive design!

  • SEO Rankings - Increased chane of higher rankings.
  • Increase your overall customer reach.

Designing your site!

The design process is completely up to you, I can design your site from scratch or you can tell me your ideas and I can take it from there or we can come up with the design together!
No website will be launched until you are 100% happy with the design and functionality and of course it is tested across numerous desvices and browsers.
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